Multi-parameter Singular Integrals. (AM-189), Volume I

Автор: Brian Street

Короткое описание книги

This book develops a new theory of multi-parameter singular integrals associated with Carnot-Carathodory balls.

Brian Street first details the classical theory of Caldern-Zygmund singular integrals and applications to linear partial differential equations.

He then outlines the theory of multi-parameter Carnot-Carathodory geometry, where the main tool is a quantitative version of the classical theorem of Frobenius.

Street then gives several examples of multi-parameter singular integrals arising naturally in various problems.

The final chapter of the book develops a general theory of singular integrals that generalizes and unifies these examples.

This is one of the first general theories of multi-parameter singular integrals that goes beyond the product theory of singular integrals and their analogs.

Multi-parameter Singular Integrals will interest graduate students and researchers working in singular integrals and related fields.

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